Real Yield Optimized

RLD (💯,💰) is your ultimate partner for boosting yields on Arbitrum.
Our platform helps you grow your bags with top Real Yield tokens, fantastic vaults,
and popular assets like $ETH, $USDC, $BFR, $GMX, and $GLP.

High Yield Low Fees

Investing in crypto made simple, affordable and rewarding for all. High yield and low fees, always on autopilot.

Key Features

Real Yield

Rely on RLD's expert team to handpick the best Real Yield tokens for your investments, offering you the most promising DeFi opportunities.


Harness compound interest, our smart contracts reinvest your earnings and maximize returns without any extra effort.

Single Stake

Deposit one asset, and we'll handle the rest, ensuring top-notch returns without juggling multiple tokens.


Our permissionless, trustless approach safeguards your assets using cutting-edge technology and protocols.

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